Our mission is to drive value in our clients business by using cloud accounting

Small businesses and organizations struggle with growth.

As you increase sales and add employees your infrastructure and back office become  increasingly important. Your bookkeeping, accounting and financial operations, need to move from compliance to a platform for financial intelligence.

Many small businesses suffer from challenges in these four areas:

It’s hard to hire/train/manage staff that can provide the level of expertise that is needed in early and growth stages of a business. The good news is that outsourcing has changed the playing field, and there’s significant benefits to outsourcing all or part of your business’s bookkeeping and accounting. As a result, outsourcing  gives you the ability to focus on core activities as well as the financial intelligence you need for better decision making to help grow your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping & Accounting:


Not having to recruit, hire, train, supervise and manage bookkeeping or  accounting staff is a huge time saver and headache reliever. Outsourcing can help  you regain valuable time so that you can put all of your effort and energy into  growing your business and increasing profitability


Save on employee expenses including hiring, benefits, overheads and Training


A highly trained, fractional share of an accounting department provides  access to expertise most small businesses can’t afford. From compliance, to  industry experience to management reports, outsourced accounting can provide peace of mind, eliminate worry and drive growth.


Services and expertise are available on-demand vs. the fixed costs of  hiring staff. If you have an employee out of the office on maternity leave or holidays, you can temporarily add services, such as payroll or billing, to make sure the position is covered until your full-time employee returns.


Growing businesses are dynamic, not static, and as a result, accounting and  bookkeeping requirements fluctuate. Throughout the life cycle of your  business you can access the exact bookkeeping and accounting services you need, and pay for nothing more.


You’ll get access to timely and accurate financials,  and most importantly, actionable management reports which will help you make the decisions that increase profits.


  • We link directly into our clients cloud accounting software
  • We will assist you in your cloud conversion process
  • We will help you to stream line your processes
  • You will have up to date and relevant information at your fingertips
  • We will help you to use this information to make better decisions
  • We have systems available to assist you with PAYE modernisation

For further information or for a free one hour consultation please contact Alan Harding aharding@nkc.ie or Neville Kavanagh nkavanagh@nkc.ie