Tech/App Stack

With Xero as our accounting platform we have currently integrated the following Apps to maximise value for our clients.

Autoentry from Xero | NKC Business & Taxation Consultants


Autoentry processes all the invoice details and we take that information into Xero with a digital image of all invoices.  We have hired a Xero specialist in our firm who will write the relevant rules and set up the machine learning within Xero to maximise the efficiency of automatic posting of all invoices to our clients ledgers.  We also use Autoentry to complete automated creditor reconciliations and ensure the integrity of our clients ledgers are maintained and consistently reconciled.

We also use Autoentry expenses which allows our clients take a digital image of all their out of pocket expenses via an App on their mobile phone which cuts out all the small receipts and simplifies the whole expense conundrum for our clients. This App is linked to Xero and we can import all expenses directly with very few keystrokes.

Where possible we set up automatic bank feeds into Xero, where our banking is updated in real time. Where we cannot get automatic bank feeds we import to Xero via scanned bank statements through Autoentry, import the result into Excel and then bring the detail back into Xero via a data import.

Approval max | ApprovalMax from Xero and NKC Business Consultants


We use ApprovalMax as an App for our client to control the authorisation of expenses and invoices for payment.  This App synchs with Xero and helps our clients set the relevant approvals for expenditure.  These approvals can be handled remotely and authorised by the appointed person on their mobile phone.   This App works really well for a mobile workforce and keeps control in place without complicating the approval system and slowing down the business.

Workflow max | WorkflowMax from Xero and NKC Business Consultants


Workflowmax is an App we have been using with Xero for our clients who wish to record time, monitor project profitability, value work in progress and link directly into Xero via billing and expense management.

Futrli and NKC Business Consultants


Futrli is our KPI solution of choice, which we sit on top of Xero and on which we create customised KPI’s and reports for our clients.  The synch with Xero allows us to constantly update reports and presentation packs for our clients.

Fluidly from NKC Business & Tax Consultants


We use Fluidly to assist our clients with cash flow forecasting. Fluidly synchronizes with Xero and intuitively creates a cash flow for our clients. A task which historically may have taken hours and even days, is now being completed in minutes.