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NKC believe in preserving our clients’ wealth, and we understand that tax compliance is a big part of this.

NKC believe in preserving our clients’ wealth, and we understand that tax compliance is a big part of this. Our team of chartered tax advisors draw on a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise gained in practice over the last 20 years, in order to assist you in both management of cost and minimisation of risk, as well as efficient planning for the future.

Our range of tax planning services will, in accordance with domestic taxation legislation, endeavour to structure clients’ tax affairs in the most tax efficient manner. We are proactive in our approach; we always explore avenues and opportunities where tax savings might arise. Our tax department liaise constantly with our accounts and audit departments and this interaction often leads to the discovery of tax savings on our clients’ behalf.

We can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Corporation Tax

    We provide a range of services to support our clients with increasing corporate tax challenges due to complex tax legislation and compliance demands. Our tax specialists will assist with the preparation of the various Corporation Tax submissions, including IXBRL filings, Form 46g’s and corporate tax planning.

  • Employment Taxes

    Our payroll team at NKC provides clients with a fully comprehensive payroll service, tailor-made to meet individual client requirements.  We provide support and assistance to clients to ensure the ever increasing compliance burdens are met.

  • Gift, Inheritance Tax Planning & Succession Planning

    It is never too early to starting thinking about succession planning. We can recommend the most tax efficient approach to minimise the impact of inheritance / gift tax / capital gains tax exposure on the transfer of assets during one’s lifetime or thereafter.

  • Revenue Audits

    We have extensive experience dealing with Revenue audits for both individual and corporate taxpayers across a range of business sectors. Should any clients receive a Revenue audit letter, we carry out a pre audit review of their affairs to identify any risk areas and assist is preparing the qualifying disclosure. During the audit, we manage all communication with Revenue and negotiate on behalf of our clients on any tax issues to minimise tax, interest and penalties.

  • Personal Tax

    We provide individual advice to help you organise your personal tax affairs efficiently. We don’t simply compute your tax liability; we proactively identify opportunities to minimise your future tax exposure.

  • VAT

    We can provide you with a Value Added Tax service, which includes:

    • Preparation of VAT Returns, Return of Trading Details (RTD) and other returns such as VIES, Intrastat Returns and EVR Returns.
    • Assistance with VAT registration.
    • Advice on VAT planning and administration.
  • Employment and investment incentive scheme (EIIS)

    We work with our clients to establish the appropriate level of funding and the best structure to facilitate raising funds from individual investors. We will assist with completing the required EIIS forms and other relevant documentation for submission to Revenue to ensure the claim is successful.   

  • Relevant contracts tax (RCT)

    RCT is a commonly misunderstood tax. In recent years it has become more complex and the cost of non-compliance can be up to 35% of the relevant payment.  We review our client’s activities, advise on the scope of RCT and identify their RCT obligations. We assist with the RCT registration process, ongoing compliance obligations and liaise with Revenue to resolve queries should they arise.

  • International tax

    When you want to expand your business or invest overseas, NKC’s membership of Integra International can open doors and find you local advice in more than 68 countries where their 126 other member firms operate.

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