Project Description

Our audit approach is based on understanding the clients business and building a strong client relationship.

This approach allows NKC get to the core business issues quickly, identify specific risk areas and provide an efficient and cost effective audit service.

We proactively approach all audit assignments and always look to provide a value added service to the client. The audit process gives NKC a unique opportunity to look at the business and talk to directors about their plans for the future.

We communicate with our clients at all times during the audit process discussing audit issues as they arise. Our audit team is at all times accessible to the client to ensure the highest quality of service is provided.

Our services include:

  • Partner-led service with regular interaction and communication with your management team

  • Comprehensive planning so that we understand your business

  • Identify and report on the strengths and weaknesses of your accounting systems and financial internal controls

  • Identify potential problem areas and then recommending opportunities to improve your business performance

  • Openness and transparency throughout the process

NKC audits are conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and our firm is subject to continual monitoring and review internally and by our regulator CARB. This means our clients are assured of the quality of our work and know that it is carried out in accordance with current best practice.

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